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Affordable Water Heater Replacement

About Lone Star Water Heaters

With the professional, experienced staff and competitive pricing offered by Lone Star Water Heaters for your water heater replacement, you can’t go wrong!

We install traditional tank and tankless water heaters.  Don’t get stuck waiting at home on another company to come out to give you an estimate (and an outrageous one at that) - Call us today for a quote right over the phone!

Our Goal
We are not looking for one-time customers, we are looking for life-time customers!  With that in mind, we strive to offer fair and affordable pricing, to run an honest company with integrity at its backbone, while providing a professional service that spells excellence.  We aim that rifle high, and shoot to be the best of the best!

Our Staff
Our staff is licensed and well trained on all applicable code requirements and proper installation procedures so you can rest assured that your hot water heater is installed to meet these requirements.  Beware of companies that send out water heater installers who only have their apprentice license!  Every residential job site is required to have a licensed tradesman or journeyman present.  Don’t hesitate to ask who the licensed plumber on your job is.

Neat. Affordable.  Efficient.  Clean. Experienced. Knowledgeable. Great pricing. Professional. Licensed.  Insured.  Don’t hope for it, EXPECT IT.