Lone Star Water Heaters offers affordable price quotes for water heater replacements right over the phone.

Your Price Quote = 3 Components

Base Fee (Supply/Install) + Permit Fee (If required) + Code Upgrades (If required) = Total Price 

Commercial Water Heaters

Some commercial establishments opt to go with residential water heaters if allowable depending on the use.  If the water heater used is a standard 40 or 50 gallon residential water heater, the same pricing listed above would apply, except tax would be added to the base fee amount.  Do note that installing a residential water heater in a commercial location causes the warranty period covered by the manufacturer to shorten, in most cases it is only 1 year.  If a standard residential water heater can not be used or is not desired in a commercial establishment, the above pricing does not apply.  In these cases there is a $69 estimate fee to quote commercial water heater installation.

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Affordable Water Heater Replacement

All water heaters will have the base fee for supply & install, most water heaters require a city permit, only some water heaters will require code upgrades. Due to this, we break out each amount separately to come up with your total cost. 

*Note: Occasionally when any work is required to be done on the vent pipe for code upgrades or to adjust to get water heater installed and the home is a two story home or has a steep roof, a basic service call with a roofer will be needed to seal the flashing on the roof. This is not required all the time, only occasionally.

What’s included and how do I know which fees apply to me?
1. BASE FEE: (Supply/Install)
This fee applies to every water heater replacement and is calculated on the size of the water heater, where in the home the water heater is located, etc.  It includes:

  • Disconnect, removal and haul off of existing water heater.
  • New water heater supplied & installed in same location of existing water heater.
  •  Miscellaneous material required to connect your new water heater is included at no additional cost: 
    • Water flexes 
    • Gas flex (when applicable) 
    • Cold water valve 
    • Gas valve (when applicable) 
    • Pan (when necessary)

The base fee cost range listed on this page applies to State or Rheem residential 40 and 50 gallon gas or electric tank water heaters in our local service area that are installed on the ground level or up to two flights (keep in mind that an attic stairwell is counted as one flight). Warranty coverage is a 1 year courtesy warranty for labor provided by Lone Star Water Heaters on water heaters supplied & installed by our company.  A 6 year parts & tank warranty is provided through the manufacturer of either State or Rheem.  A four year tank extension warranty through the manufacturer is an option that may be purchased for an additional $175, added to the original base fee.  Keep in mind this warranty extension only covers the tank and does not cover any labor or parts. All taxes for items in the base fee are already included so there is no additional tax added to the base fee. We use floor coverings and other items when necessary to ensure our work areas are clean and nothing in the home is damaged. 

Each city is different and charges different fees, therefore we do not include this fee in our base pricing. In some instances (such as when a home is located in the county with no city requirement) a permit is not needed. We are required to install all water heaters according to applicable codes, we do so even in cases where a city permit & inspection is not required.

We do not mark up city permit fees. Most cities charge somewhere between $25.00 - $50.00 for their permits. Houston charges $115.00. If a permit is required for your job we will let you know exactly what your cost will be. When permits are pulled, a city inspector will also need to come out on a separate date and inspect the installation of your water heater to be sure it is done correctly and up to all current code requirements. We will assist in getting your inspection scheduled once your new water heater is installed.

Not all water heaters will have additional fees for this.
Typically if your water heater is 10 years old or less and was previously installed by a licensed plumber, it should have been installed up to the current code requirements already and if so, no additional costs will apply.

The typical range for code upgrades when they are required runs from $50 to $400 depending on how much of the upgrades are needed. We do not give an exact price for this over the phone. We give this range so customers will have an idea of the range of cost if any upgrades are needed. If for some reason code upgrades would be outside of this range for your water heater, our company will inform you right up front when we arrive to put in your water heater before any work is done. This would be a very rare occasion.

We are able to offer such competitive pricing because we quote the exact base fee and permit fee, along with the range of cost for possible code upgrades by phone without having to make an additional trip to the home to do so. If for some reason you need the exact amount for install because you believe you have code upgrades and would prefer not to schedule based on the range listed, we can come out and give you a flat estimate. An additional fee in the amount of a regular service call will apply when this is requested.

Again, not all water heaters will require code upgrades.


Are you wanting to switch from a traditional tank water heater to a tankless?
The tankless water heater we choose to use in most residential applications is made by Nortiz and can be hooked up similarly as the existing tank model which helps reduce the cost significantly than many of the other tankless models on the market. Tankless installations start at about $3000, which is a minimum of almost three times more for this option over a traditional tank.  Cost is a major consideration when looking at making this switch.

To read more about tank versus tankless and get more info on the Noritz residential model mentioned above, click here.

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