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Lone Star Water Heaters provides affordable and professional hot water heater installation & replacements in Houston, TX (77062, 77058, 77059) & the following areas:

•Clear Lake Shores
•El Lago
•La Marque
•League City
•Nassau Bay
•San Leon
•Santa Fe
•Taylor Lake Village
•Texas City

Don’t see your city?  Our service area is expanding rapidly, call our office to see if we provide service in your location.

When do I need the services of Lone Star Water Heaters?

  • Water heater leaking. The tank of a water heater cannot be repaired and must be replaced.  Call today for your price quote over the phone!
  • No hot water.  Can you repair a water heater when there is no hot water?  Many times, the answer is yes.  Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing the thermocouple or elements. Other times you may need more costly parts. Usually when a water heater is over 8 years old we don’t recommend spending your hard earned money on more costly repairs when they could run close to 30% of the cost of replacing a water heater that will more than likely need to be replaced in the near future anyway.
  • Water heater is old.  We encourage our customers to do what we call “damage control” and replace their water heater once it gets to be somewhere in the 8 to 12 year range even when it is still functioning and not leaking.  This gives you peace of mind that you are not on a ticking time clock of when the tank will eventually leak.  You will avoid costly damage to your home, not to mention the mental and emotional stress involved when such an event occurs.  **This is especially true when the water heater is located in the attic of the home.
  • Constantly running out of hot water.  If you are not getting a sufficient volume of hot water to meet your consumption needs, it may be time to look into switching to a tankless water heater.  Read more here about Tankless Water Heaters Versus Traditional Tank Water Heaters.
  • Selling/buying home and current water heater is not up to code.  If there are code upgrades required on a home inspection report and the water heater is old, it is a good time to go ahead and replace the water heater.  (Especially when you have to replace the pan or raise the water heater.  Under these circumstances there is almost always just as much labor involved as there would be to replace the water heater because it will need to be completely drained and disconnected to make the code upgrades.)                                                                               

Are you wanting to switch from a traditional tank water heater to a tankless?
The tankless water heater we choose to use in most residential applications is made by Nortiz and can be hooked up similarly as the existing tank model which helps reduce the cost significantly than many of the other tankless models on the market. Tankless installations start ​at about $3000, which is a minimum ​of almost three
times more for this option over a traditional tank. Cost is a major consideration when looking at making this switch.​

To read more about tank versus tankless and get more info on the Noritz residential model mentioned above, click here.

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